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The promise of a nice day

But the mist turned to rain

There were many such bridges on our hikes

Lake Matheson is small

Dave, Tom, Peggy, Hilary, Anne, Liz

Wednesday morning looked good with patches of sunshine and blue sky, so we all went off for our planned walk around Lake Matheson, a kettle lake formed as the Fox Glacier receded millennia ago. (Unlike so many glaciers in the world, the glaciers here are actually currently advancing!) The area in general is a temperate rainforest much like parts of the Pacific Northwest in the USA and Canada - and after a false promise of good weather, the rain set in in earnest when we were about halfway through our walk. It was a beautiful walk nonetheless, with lush vegetation, and lunch awaited us at a cafe at the end of the loop trail. We cancelled our afternoon expedition to the beach because of the rain, and drove directly to our next overnight accommodation, another terrific Wilderness Lodge, at Lake Moeraki near the sea.

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