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Nadine And Cora Gomm With Vicki In The Middle



After lunch with the Ewerts we headed off to visit Aunty Cora (my father - Don Branchflower's only sister) - and her daughter Nadine Gomm. It was great to see them again - I had been quite worried for them as they have a beautiful log cabin they built themselves near the east entrance to Manning Park and a recent forest fire had come within 10 km of the site. Luckily, their cabin was no longer under threat and they could breathe easier once again.

Cora and Nadine are world travellers so we had a great time over cups of tea discussing their recent trip to Greece and our impending journey. In fact, I noticed a Lonely Planet Scotland on the coffee table and Nadine told me that they are thinking to make Scotland their next destination - the sign of a true travel addict.

I had arranged to meet with my cousin Louise (Walker) Cox and her husband Colin, and they came to see us at Aunty Cora's. Once again, the Walker clan met up with the Branchflower clan to extend the family ties even further.


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