Anthony and Erica on the road to Mandalay 2006 travel blog

Riverside slums by the ferry jetty

Waiting for the ferry - Erica surrounded by children as usual

Riverside life

Missing a few bricks

Novice and balloon

Old and new pagodas

River laundry

Ferryboat monks

Riverside stilt houses

More laundry

Strong colours at the Snake Temple

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Street life in quieter part of Mandalay

Yet another pretty bad night's sleep with noisy off...window open/noisy traffic, etc, etc, but a general theme of very hot and sticky. So a trishaw to the river (Arewaddy) and a ferry upriver to Mingun. I have added a little movie clip just to give some impression of the people around. I keep trying to do ones that catch the madness at crossroads, but may wait till Vietnam for that, where I am told it is much worse. It was interesting to see life around the riverbank, a lot of it a pretty precarious living for people (as life is for so many here). People keep telling us these tragic stories while smiling (and not asking for money afterwards like they do other places).

At Mingun is this 'biggest pile of bricks in the world', which is this very large pagoda that was badly damaged in an earthquake and never finished. There are great cracks in it and giant lumps of brick at crazy angles, which one climbs over to get to the top for some good views. All fun and exciting. Some more good stuff, another nice lunch, and then ferry home, sort out tomorrow's travel arrangements, and I catch up with blogging and e-mails while Erica has her pre-dinner bottle of beer. On the way to dinner we found a lovely temple unexpectedly, really interesting, beautiful and chilled.

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