Entering Cherokee Landing

Deer at the RV Park

Our site at Thousand Trail Cherokee Landing

A look down the street.

Museum hours for your info.

We pull into the Hall of Fame parking lot

The historic sign out on the street.

More about the Bird Dog Museum

Statues of champions

Another Champion

Out side of the Hall of Fame in the courtyard

A sampling of some of the awards

Another sample of Bird Dog Awards

This is a display of a taxidermic dog, he died back in...

The current champion of 2018

And yes, there are many women involved in the sport

A sample of the fine breed of Champions

Another breed involved in the sport of working dogs

When you visit this is a comfortable place to rest, 30,000 sq...

A wonderful Champion

A mural on a store in the town.

When we departed the Dobbs we knew it was going to be a long drive. At the end of 218 miles, we arrived at the Thousand Trails Cherokee Landing park near Grand Junction, Tenn. Our original purpose was to rest and relax, but on our way through town we saw the Hall of Fame for Bird Dogs! As lovers of dogs, we knew we had to see this! The next day, we drove the 12 miles back to the town and signed in at the Hall of Fame. This is 30,000 square feet of everything you ever wanted to know about the bird dog of America....Officially this place is known as the “National Bird Dog Museum” and “Field Trial Hall of Fame”. Also represented here is “The Sporting Dog Center” and “The Official History of The Bird Dog Foundation”.

As you step into the Bird Dog Foundation’s Sporting Dog Center, be prepared to experience one of West Tennessee’s best kep secrets. For sporting dog fanciers and visitors, this is a phenomenal opportunity to see one of the world’s largest collections of sporting dog art, history, memorabilia and displays honoring dogs and people who have participated and received recognition for their achievements.

A tour through the Sporting Dog Center is a visual, as well as an educational, opportunity to learn more about over 40 breeds of sporting dogs as well as experience more than 100 years of field trial competitions and sporting dog endeavors. The center surrounds visitors with an eye-catching panorama depicting field trial and sporting competitions. In 1896, the first National Field Trial Championship was held at West Point, Mississippi but, now they are held at Grand Junction, TN at the Ames Plantation. If you love dogs of all types and breeds, as we do, this is the place to visit. We really enjoyed the photos, wonderful paintings of the winners and paintings of owners, trainers, the whole experience showed us their collective true love of “Mans Best Friend. ” The building and grounds you’ll be visiting were constructed in 1991. The hard work, donations of memorabilia and money from over 4,000 sporting dog owners and sponsorships from more than 35 corporations.

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