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Roman aquaduct in Segovia

Sun behind the aquaduct


Toledo - part of town wall

Toledo, nice reflection in the river

Toledo in the stting sun, taken from the campsite

Ha - what an eventful few days. Bear with me details at the end. I have LOVED shopping in Spain. Early on I wrote about local cheeses and wines I had bought, plus the cider that made for poor drinking, but made a lovely dinner, with pork escalopes, roast potatoes and carrots juliene! Whilst in Santiago de Compostela, I visited a proper locals'market and bought honey, eggs and a bunch of flowers for myself. They are still alive, living in a juice bottle that I prop up every time I move. I also bought a bottle of the raved about local wine in Galicia, a white called Albarino, described as refreshing, for which I paid the exorbitant sum of 5.50 euros. Well yes, flavoured water is quite refreshing - really it had nothing to recommend it. I also scoffed a slice of the famous local cake, a slim almod flavoured sponge which was nice, though I wondered if it was really necessary to put THE cross on every one. You might get an anti religion rant on here one day!

When I left the last 'cyber'I headed to Valladolid (waste of time too much modern stuff, no sign of anything pretty, and all underground car parking) then on to Segovia where I had a lovely afternoon. There is a huge Roman viaduct in the middle of the town, plus other lovely old buildings. I was feeling quite chilled when I went to leave so thought I drive to Salamanca, but it was such a nice day that I didnt want to carry on driiving and decided to stop instead at Avila, Jane said there was a campsite close by so there I went. Another of Jane's failings, as it had been closed for some time. So I asked Jane for the next nearest site - closed, the next, no sign it ever existed and the next... It was now getting late, I was tired, v pi!!ed off and found myslelf driving over a mountain range. Often blinded by the low sun, totally unable to appreciate the colour of the mountains as the sun set, it was the hardest mountain drive I have had. There was such a long winding downhill road, and by the time I got to the bottom of the valley, I was sure the brakes were smelling burny. So I got to this town Arenas de San Pedro to find a major fiesta in full flow - and the road to the campsite was blocked by a fairground. The very nice policeman gave me a string of instructions for how to get at it from another way but I was not going to drive any more mountain, and his list of ízquierdas'(lefts), todo rectos (straight aheads) etc etc would be mind boggling in English.

So I did what I promised not to do and found a layby on the edge of the town and parked up. My final insult for the day was to find that my electrics would not function on battery, so I had to find my torch and my emergency light (glad I thought of those) I went and joined the party, had a couple of beers out of a plastic glass, and for dinner - such a delight, a hot dog and chips. I went and watched the free show, a band that people were dancing too (could have salsa'd to some of it) and wandered around before going back to Ducky. I slept in my clothes in case there was any trouble - slept haha, the aprty went on til gone three and I was out of there failry promptly.

I had ended up far further south than I had planned, driven much longer than I would have i I'd stayed with my original plan, and wasted the best part of a quarter tank of diesel. But it did put me far closer to Toledo than I had expected to be so that is where I went yesterday. Dear Jane sent me up a one way street which meant I had to go out thru one of the old city gates. I stopped, looked at it and went forward slowly. Brigitte, you know Toledo, I'm sure I missed scraping Ducky by inches!! Richard you will find Toledo on the map, it's just under Madrid, almost in the middle of the country. I'm writing this in Trujillo, a pretty town in Extramadura, this is my third province in as many days or so it seems. Castille Y Leon was interesting because of the changing landscape, but after my nightmare search for somewhere to sleep, I'm not keen on going back (in spite of so pretty Zamora and Segovia), Castille La Mancha has been driven through without much attention as it is a lot like Castille Y Leon (more olive trees though and I saw some cactuses thus morning. I'm looking forward to seeing a bit more of Extramadura now and if I can, I shall fill Ducky with wine (if I can find some more at 1 euro that is!!

It is now HOT HOT HOT, last I slept on top of the duvet and sunbathed in the shade, it was still hot and sweaty at 7pm, so no more need for an extra blanket, put those cardies away and get the bikinis out :-)

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