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Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe

Downtown Santa Fe

St. Francis Cathedral Santa Fe

The Plaza in Santa Fe

Georgia O'Keefe Museum

On the road to Taos

Carson National Forest, between Santa Fe and Taos

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, just north of Taos, 800 ft. above the...

Kit Carson's home in Taos

The Plaza in Taos, during their Fiesta - great Tacos from a...

The Rio Grande, on the way back to Santa Fe

Next to the Rio Grande

We got to Santa Fe Friday Night. We are at the Santa Fe Skies RV Park, a very nice park just outside of town so it is very quiet. We can see the mountains all around us. There is a very nice walking trail that is good for Blondie. We are at an altitude of about 7000 feet here.

We took a day trip to Taos today. We drove to Taos on a little mountain road that went through the Carson National Forest. We got up to over 8000 feet during the trip. We pulled off on a side road to go to an overlook and when we got to it, there was a film crew making a John Travolta movie and we couldn't stop. We took another little road into the forest and saw Aspen trees.

We drove past Taos to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. It is 800 feet above the gorge. We went by Taos Pueblo which is a settlement over 1000 years old. In Taos we stopped at Kit Carson's house and went to their plaza where they were having their fiesta. We bought 3 tacos for $5 - they were fabulous.

We took a different road back to Santa Fe and went along side the Rio Grande for a while.

We made it back to camp in time to have a couple beers before going to the Blue Corn Cafe for some Northern New Mexican food. We had a great corn chowder, blue corn tacos, enchiladas and tamales. YUM!

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