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Had a curry last night. Why? I don't know. It seemed a good idea at the time. Lots of rice, good for the carb level but it bit back this morning and my already sensitive rear was in pain!

It rained most of the day and was windy aswell! Why is rain always accompanied by wind? Either on their own is fine but together they cause only misery.

The scenery would have been beatiful but I didn't have a chance to enjoy it, I just wanted to get to my destination and in the warm. The destination being Lac Vassiverie (about 70km SE of Limpges)which happens to be located up high so the journey invovlved quite a climb. Also I later found out that the snows have only just gone and hence all the campsites and hotels are closed apart from the few. I managed to find a holiday village after much searching and hired a chalet for two days. tomorrow is a rest day. My rigth knee is in pain and I have lots of washing to do.

Where's the sun?!

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