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View of Lake Lea at Bottomless Lake State Park

This was built by the CCC and refurbished in 2004 by the...

Taken from top of the overlook; this lake is 90 feet deep...

Billy the Kid grave site. (near Roswell) Kept under lock and key...

Jackie's favorite calf

Seems like we'll always be in traffic, New Mexico Style. The short...

Just when you think you know someone well, he surprises you. Bill tells me out of the clear blue that he really wants to go to Roswell, NM and see the UFO Museum. We found a jewell of a state park called Bottomless Lakes State Park a little south of Roswell. The park is in the desert but has several lakes that are actually saltwater sink holes. Lea Lake is 90 feet deep, very clear salty water, and stays about 62 degrees year round. Those were quick, chilly swims! The sandy beach between the lake and the recreational building is very charming. We made our jaunts into Roswell from this park.

The UFO Museum features displays about the famous Roswell Incident of 1947 and some other worldwide UFO sightings. We were less than convinced or impressed. But the Roswell Museum and Art Center was what you'd expect from a much larger city. It was fabulous. There were major works from Henriette Wyeth, Peter Hurd, and Georgia O'Keeffe. Also very interesting was a re-creation of Dr. Robert Goddard's workshop. He developed liquid propellant rockets and conducted his experiments near Roswell in the 1930's. We enjoyed other museums and shops in Roswell also. I got in a bit of a fight with a vacationer from Germany because she said that she believes that the first televised man on the moon that America did was a fake show we did in Hollywood. I told her she was grossly misinformed.

Spotting a five foot rattlesnake was cool.


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