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The Mystery Machine

Our kitchen (with closet behind)

The Tasman Sea down at Baylys Beach

Overlooking the Kauri forest

Can you spot Tim among the big trees? These are known as...

Te Matua Ngahere (the Grandfather of the Kauri trees)

This is either the 'Silver fern" or the "Punga"- we're still learning!

Tane Mahuta (the God fo the Kauri trees)

Heading to the Bay of Islands

So we finally did it- we bought a car!! It's a 1996 Ford Telstra (station wagon) and it is known as the "Mystery Machine". Of course this comes with a story.....After visiting the car market for three days we came back on Monday and within 10 minutes this white beauty rolled in. Her driver was a British designer for Jaguar and he had two kids with him. These two youngsters had recently developed an interest in Scooby Doo and decided that they were Fred and Daphne and their car was the "Mystery Machine". So as you can see, we just couldn't change the name.

We have headed north- to Bayly's Beach on the West coast near the Kauri forest (Kauri is a type of tree that is native to New Zealand and is similar to the Redwoods in that it grows to gigantic sizes and some of the trees we visited were thousands of years old).

Our first night out of Auckland was in our tent and it went pretty well- we were near the ocean and we have already figured out how to turn our car into a living room, dining room, and kitchen- along with closet space. We've done some grocery shopping- bought a cooler (our fridge), and are fairly set for our numerous road trips ahead.

We continued north along the coast to Waipoua Forest where the oldest and largest Kauri's live. We saw the "grandfather" of them, and the "God" of them (this is how they were described). They were huge!!! The pictures can obviously describe them better than we can. The forest they were in reminded us of the King Kong movie (the most recent one)- definitely lush and the best part was that there was nothing harmful in them!!

We're trying to educate ourselves more about the local flora and fauna- and we're getting better at it- though the words can be confusing at times..... The Mystery Machine seems to drive fairly well- we'll have to replace a couple things eventually, but for over 150,000 miles- it's quite nice. Hopefully some of you will become better acquainted with her.

We are presently in the Bay of Islands- the next update will have those pictures.....hope everyone is doing well- take care....

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