Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Paul getting wiped out

Finally catching a wave!

Helen's attempt at nature photography

Agnes water is Queenlands most northern surfing beach and ideal for beginners it is near the Town of 1770 the place where Captain Cook made his first landing in Queensland in the year 1770! (Aussies are really imaginative with naming places).

Stayed at hostel called Cool Bananas, which the lonely planet lists as a backpacker 'shangri-la'. We wouldn't go that far but it was a well-run hostel with free videos, body boards and has real chilled out atmosphere.

Had a surf lesson for $16 in a group of 6. We all looked stunning in our red skintight rashers (supposed to stop nipple rub on the board - it didn't!)

Paul couldn't grasp how to get on the board once in the sea and used the board more as springboard to jump into the sea.

Helen had better balance but the instructor gave her a 9 foot board - same as the fellas, which she really struggled to carry past the initial waves with it - bless. It wasn't fair on her and had to pack it in before the end. Paul lost his rag with the whole thing not long after Helen stopped so we sat on the beach willing the lesson to end so we could go home and nurse our bruised pride.

Paul hired a board the next day to see if he had missed a trick and went at it again - only to be worse than the day before - he has decided to stick to body boarding!

The rest of days were spent lazing around relaxing before we moved off to Hervey bay and the Whitsundays.

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