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Frost Heaves in the Alaska Highway

Beautiful Yukon

The salmon bake

Done to perfection

Riki's Road House

Spinning equipment at Riki's Road House

The kitchen at Riki's Road House

The Alaska pipeline

June 16 - 17

We rose early on Friday (June 16) and after making coffee for our travel mugs and headed back out on the Alaska HW. This road is full of frost heaves and the driving was slow. The beauty of the Yukon more than made up for the rough roads as we enjoyed it at 40mph. Thirty KM from the US border, we saw a Canadian Customs station on the other side of the road. So it seems that when traveling south, you are a "wet back" for quite a distance before officially declaring entrance to Canada. Our crossing into the United States was right at the border. At first the roads seemed a bit smoother, but soon the "BROKEN ROAD" signs appeared and we were back to a slower pace.

Our first camp stop was in the town of Tok (changed from Tokyo Camp during WWII) where we had a salmon bake at a roadside cafe. We left early from Tok on Saturday and came to the end of the Alaska HW in Delta Jct. (at 1425 miles). Here we stopped at a historic site, Rika's Road House where Tom had a buffalo burger for lunch. While buffalo are not native to Alaska, the Army brought them in in the 1920's as an experiment and there are still a few herds around. We saw the Alaska Pipeline at Rika's. We gassed up and gave the van a power wash to get rid of the quarter inch of caked-on Alaska HW dust from the dirt/gravel roads.

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