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Look at the pollution!


Animal market just before Cotopaxi

Animal market





Oh, poor piggy!


Cotopaxi - I swear there's a huge glacier under the clouds!








This is what it is supposed to look like

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This little piggy does not want to leave the market. Can't say...

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What you can't see is that there is a rope around the...

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In the morning I went to an animal market on the way to Cotoxpaxi. It was really hard to watch. I don't think I can ever eat pork again. Sometimes the locals seemed so unnecessarily cruel. When I saw two men trying to put a pig in a ginny sack I felt sick. One of the men lifted the pig up by a rope around his neck (he was essentially strangling him) while the other was yanking on his ear and trying to get him in the sack. The pig was literally screaming.

After the markets I went to Cotopaxi, one of the world's highest active volcanoes. It is one of sixty-one volcanoes in Ecuador. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't that the great. Cotopaxi was smothered by clouds, making it diffiuclt to see the glacier.

The highest we went was 3,800 meters (14,000 feet). I'm fortunate that I haven't had altitude sickness. Some of the people I was travelling with before were not feeling well just being in Quito.

I met a guy from San Diego who had been in the Galapagos for over a month doing marine research. I'm thankful I didn't meet him before I went to the Galapagos. He was telling me that they boat he was on had two major accidents within the last year. In one accident, a woman jumped off the boat to go swimming and shark bit her leg off once she landed in the water. Since all the boats dump leftovers from the kitchen into the water sharks can usually be found around your boat. Yikes!

Met up with group tonight. Our tour leader is Italian, but has been living in South America for the last 6 months. Everyone seems okay. I really like my roommate, Tiffany. We have a lot in common and are very similar in personality. So, we'll see how things go:)

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