The Boy Scout Woods is one of our favorite birding places..

They have lots of free bird walks too...

Lots of birding items to buy too..

List of birds seen in the area..

Birds are all over the place..

Blue Grosbeaks, Summer Tanager, Goldfinch & Catbird..

Rose breasted Grosbeaks joined in..Orchard female too..

Another view..

The birds flock to this area..




We saw a lot of rabbits too..

Our next stop was Smith Oaks...

Hooded Warbler...

White-throat Sparrow having a bath...

My first Scarlet Tanager..

He is a beauty..

We had a wonderful Cajun lunch...

Cajun Market next door to the restaurant...

They even sell alligator sausage...:-)

Heading back to the beach, check out this bottlebrush wowser..

Another view..

One more...:-)

Back home..we have 7 hummingbirds at our feeders..


All are Ruby throats...

My new birding bag...:-)

The other side..

A Snipe checking us out..

Last one!

We went birding again today in High Island, Texas. We were definitely NOT disappointed. The two sanctuaries we visited both have watering spots set up for birds to drink, they call them drips. It looked like they all decided to take baths at the same time today.

We saw Blue Grosbeaks, Summer Tanagers, Gold Finches, Indigo Buntings, White Throated Sparrows, Catbirds, Brown Thrashers, Blue winged Warblers, Hooded Warblers, Orchard Oriels and MORE taking baths and drinking together. We also had a Painted Bunting land in our yard yesterday. This place is amazing for birds. We also saw our first Scarlet Tanager today. I got a few pictures I am adding, not as close and clear as I would like, I wish I had one of those huge birding cameras like a lot of birders. Mine will have to do for now.

After birding we drove to Winnie for Cajun food, they have a lunch special for only $6.99 and it has great home cooking, including the tea. We loved this restaurant and highly recommend it to anyone in the area. They also have a Cajun Market next door, they had every kind of meat you can think of, even alligator sausage. Yikes! I would have to be starving to eat that one.

When we got back home to the beach, I spotted another new bird. A Golden Plover. My bird list is now at 341 and I still have books to go through and more to add from birds I saw in other states. Wow! We are starting to plan our drive back to Florida soon. We will be missing this incredible place, I am sure we will be back later for more.

Check back later for more from Texas.

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