What a perfect gift card from Jerry & Kim..

And a handsome Sammy the cowboy from Vickie & Ed...

Crossing the Neches River...

The River..



This is how most of the area looks..

Another view..

Last one..

We want to wish all mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day! The “I Love Mom” card was sent from Jerry and Kim, it was absolutely perfect for where I was at the beach, it was a wonderful gift card. It’s so hard to send gifts when all you have is a PO Box. Jerry wanted to send flowers but it was such a hassle, I told him a gift card was so much easier. Vickie and Ed did the same. Their gift card had Sammy in his Texas cowboy outfit, another perfect gift. I loved them both and have a lot of shopping to do. :-)

We spent our day on a long Sunday drive to Louisiana. We had planned to visit parts of Louisiana on our way back to Florida, our plans changed and we knew we were going to miss seeing all the bayous this part of Louisiana is famous for. We set out pretty early and drove across the Neches River in a tiny town called Vinton. We didn’t stay long, it was a very long drive back. We got a really good look at all the swampy bayous and decided we were glad we stayed at the beach instead. We had a wonderful Mother’s Day dinner and returned to our paradise on the beach.

We have really enjoyed our time here, each time we plan to leave, something else happens. We ended up staying way longer than we planned, but we enjoyed every minute. We will be driving across Texas soon, stopping at a lot of the Texas State Parks on our way to Colorado. Check back later for more from Texas.

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