Loved this HUGE Sam Houston on the drive today..

Another view..

Our huge site at Fairfield Lake State Park..

Last one, a view of Fairfield Lake..

We are finally on the road again, we drove about 250 miles today. We are staying at the Fairfield Texas State Park. We are so glad we bought that Texas State Park permit when we first arrived in Texas. It has already paid back what we paid for it. We are only paying $13.50 a night after our discounts, you can’t beat that.

The sites here are huge and grassy. We got a nice corner site, some are right on the lake, after three months on the water we were ready for grass. I have very slow Sprint service here, I will be adding more photos of the park later.

We were not looking forward to driving the RV pulling the car through Houston again, but it all went pretty easy today. The route only took us through one small part of Houston and the traffic was not bad at all. We are all set up and ready to do some exploring tomorrow. Check back later for more from Fairfield.

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