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This photo represents so much! The fresh fragrance of rain on wheat,...

It takes more than a "bridge closed" sign to keep us out!

It was safe, they were only patching concrete! We took a chance...

It was just such a beautiful cool morning and the sweet fragrance...

Hay bales and clouds!

Just clouds and blue sky

It was such a pretty day!

We got rain last night! A good Kansas thunderstorm with plenty of lightning and heavy rain! In fact it was still raining this morning when the alarm went off, so we reset the alarm and went back to sleep! A quick check of the radar showed the storm and rain would pass within a few hours and the temperature was going to stay in the 80's and not the gruelling 100's of the past few days! We decided today was the day to get this long dry stretch behind. The day was off to a great start with the extra hour of sleep, we were ready to tackle the 75 miles to get to Eureka, KS.

What a glorious morning! Cool, fresh and fragrant with everything clean from the nights rain. No Wind! And clouds! Can't think of the last time we had clouds to cover the sun! We were probably crying about how wet and cold it was somewhere in Colorado! It felt so good this mornng! Once we were out of the town of Newton, we had very little traffic. The day just kept getting better!

My first photo of today's journey, it is really more of a reminder more than anything else, of all the wonderful positives things about the start to the day! The harvested wheat and damp earth was such a sweet fragrance! The clouds kept us so cool and the road was so very peaceful and without traffic! What more could we ask for? I want to remember all of this everytime i look at the photo!

We did come across a road block this morning. . . Bridge Out Ahead! 10 miles. Should we or shouldn't we? Brought back our first experience in Ohio on the first trip! We took a chance and the bridge really was out! We dragged ourselves and our bikes across a mud dam that was built to assist in rebuilding the bridge and ended up spending an hour or more digging mud out of our shoe cleats and off our bikes! But we risked it again this time! If we were wrong, we would have to ride back 10 miles and then around a detour!

Lucky us!! It was that kind of a day, things seemed to be going our way! Being Saturday, no one was working and it was only repair of concrete on the bridge, no structural work! So we just quietly walked our bikes across and got on our happy way!

Before we set out on this large mileage day we made sure we had plenty of water and plenty of snacks as well as lunch. Our maps indicated there was a store, a gas station and a restaurant in one or two of the small towns we would be passing thru. Good thing we used common sense and went prepared as there was absolutely nothing out there! We did in fact go thru 2 small settlements, but we did not even see people in the yards or streets! In fact in nearly 20 miles we probably only had about 5 cars pass us! Pretty incredible!

We managed to get 40 miles in before the sun even came out and the dark clouds cleared making way for big soft white fluffy ones. There was only enough of a breeze to keep us cool as we pedaled wildly taking advantage of the good roads and cooler temperatures!

Stopped for lunch on the church steps in Rosalia KS, a nice place in some shade and got ready to push on for the last 20 miles. As we sat on the steps we watched the fluffy white clouds drift past us going east! That was a good sign, the wind was going to be behind us!

Once we turned East on highway 54, things got even better! It was a much busier main route and cars were whizzing by but it was a beautiful smooth surface, we had a fairly good shoulder and the wind was behind us!!!! And . . . 2 of the longest downhill runs we have seen in I don't know how many days! We flew the last 20 miles!

So all in all it was a great day and not the hot, sweaty, thirsty, grueling day we had ourselves all psyched up for!

You just never know how things are going to turn out do you! That is why this is such an epic adventure!

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