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The view from the Eagle's Nest

The brass lift

Main room in the Eagle's Nest

The marble fire place

The tunnels

Entrance to Hitler's house


New friends

Today was a day of history where we visited the Eagle's Nest at Kehlstein Mountain.

The long journey alone was worth it for the spectacular views we were awarded with at the top. It was so clear we could see as far as Salzburg.

To make the most of the Eagle's nest we splashed out and took a tour for €5 each. The tour began by explaining how this was not Hitler's house but just a place he visited 14 times to drink tea and meet with dignatories. We then made our way through the long tunnel with original doors that still held the markings of US Officers graffette and into the original brass elevator to complete the final 124 metres into the Eagle's Nest it's self. Now the space is used as a restaurant but still has the original wooden ceilings and walls along with a marble fire place, that US Officers would chip away at to take a piece away as a souvenir. There were pictures to show how the rooms used to look when used by Hitler and pictures when he visited. We decided to finish our visit with a piece of apple cake and a coffee before making our way down to visit the documentation centre at the bottom of the mountain.

As the documentation centre was written intirely in German we purchased an audio so we were able to understand all the displays. It was a visit that reminded you how badly people were treated by the Nazi party and how evil the Nazi party were. We learned how all the photos Hitler released were to give an impression of him being a people's person and to relate with the people. We also saw photos of Russian residents hung as a warning to others.

We completed our visit by going into the tunnels that linked Hitlers house with other officers houses. This was one of the eeriest places we have seen. The tunnels included prisons and defence holes and had not been changed or modified.

Once back to Salzburg we rang Halifax to deal with the £500 of fraud that has taken place on our credit card. Not an ideal situation but with a refund it could have been worse timing.

We finished our evening in the Augustine's Brauhaus with over 1000 seats spread over 4 large rooms this was a unique experience. We decided to have dinner here and had ham with cheese in and potatoes, a yummy end to the day with some new friends.

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