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Old Man Scary Cellars Tasting Room - Judith Gedalia

Old Man Scary Cellars Tasting Room - Ruth Stehling and Coco Davenport

Old Man Scary Cellars Tasting Room - Sue Kendrick, John Cuthbertson and...

Old Man Scary Cellars Tasting Room - Val White and Ethel Fitzgerald

Old Man Scary Cellars Tasting Room - Val White and Glenda Alexander

Pepperbelly's Restaurant - John Cuthbertson & Ruth Stehling

San Saba Olive Oil Company

San Saba Olive Oil Company

San Saba River Golf Course - Glenda Alexander

San Saba River Golf Course

San Saba River Golf Course - Wild Watercress

San Saba River Golf Course - Sample of Wild Watercress Collected on...

San Saba County Court House

Old San Saba County Jail - Now Sheriff's Quarters


This morning I went first to Discount Tire to have my tires checked. One of the duals was down to only 30 pounds because the valve stem was causing it to lose air. They repaired it and re-balanced the tire. I was finally on my way by noon. I stopped in Marble Falls for a late lunch and arrived in San Saba about 2:30. There are only ten rigs today but we expect two more tomorrow.


This afternoon we had our business meeting early so we could attend an open house at the Old Man Scary Cellars tasting room in downtown San Saba. There were nice hors d’ouvres, live music and, of course, wine tasting. I passed up the wine but enjoyed the rest. From there we went to Pepperbelly’s Mexican Food Restaurant across from the courthouse for dinner. The service and food were good.


This morning several of us went to town to visit some of the shops. Val and I rode with Coco. Our first stop was at San Saba Olive Oil Company, located in the historic McConnell Building, where we could sample their wares. They sell olive oils from Texas and the Mediterranean infused with various herbs and spices. They all were delicious! They also have flavored balsamic vinegars, specialty foods and skin care products. []

Since our taste buds were now dancing, we went down the street to Oliver & Company for lunch. Their salads and sandwiches were excellent. After a visit to an antiques store next door, Coco, Val and I went back to the RV park. The rest of the group did some more shopping.

This afternoon Bruce and I walked around at the golf course next to the RV park. It’s a nice course but their pond is nearly totally covered with wild watercress. The growth was so thick that it completely hid the water.

Tonight I had a minor emergency. Not long after I had gone to bed there was a very loud noise. I thought it might have been a tree limb falling onto my roof. However, in the wee hours of the morning, when Mother Nature got me up, I had a very rude awakening. I stepped squarely onto one of the bluebonnet photos that had fallen off the wall. That’s what the loud noise was! The glass had not shattered then but, when I stepped on it, it shattered of course. I picked up as much of the glass as I could with my hand (very carefully!) and then vacuumed up the rest. By the time I had finished all this, I was wide awake.

STATS Route: TX 71 W => US 281 N to Lampasas => US 183 N => US 190 W to San Saba Total Miles Driven: 128 Weather Conditions: Partly cloudy Road Conditions: Good, mostly four-lane Gasoline Price: $1.999 at Austin RV Park: San Saba River RV Park Park Conditions: Large sites with level concrete pads, free Wi-Fi, very nice clubroom and bathrooms, no reservations for any of the sites

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