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Carpe at 3Ts in Lake Havasu City

Saguaro cactii off I 8

Carpe Diem logs 80,000 miles

Lake Havasu behind Parker Dam

Sunset over Lake Havasu

Mon, 26 Oct: On the road again...

Today we "left home" and headed west. We have an appointment at 3Ts RV Products in Lake Havasu City to have the air conditioner checked out.

We left RoVer's Roost about 0920 and headed west on I 8 fifty miles or so to Gila Bend, where we headed north on Arizona 85 to I 10. West on I 10 with a lunch break at a convenient rest stop. South of Vicksburg we exited to pick up Arizona 72 west to Parker where Arizona 95 took us north to Lake Havasu City. Today's run was just shy of 250 miles with Carpe squeezing 8¼ miles per gallon.

One noteworthy event during the trip... Carpe Diem clocked her 80,000th mile. With a diesel engine she's just getting broken in.

We arrived at 3Ts a few minutes after four and got ourselves plugged in. It was in the high eighties so the A/C was most welcome.

We're in for service tomorrow and, if all goes as planned, should be back on the road Wednesday. Plans, of course, subject to change. Stay tuned...

Tue, 27 Oct: Good news/bad news...

You know the old question; "which would you like to hear first, the good news or the bad news?" We took the coach in for service on two items, our air conditioner and a noise in the water system. We expected the A/C to be many $$$$s and the noisy water a few valves. Well, just the opposite was the case.

The A/C was found to be in good condition hence a thorough cleaning and lubricating was all that was needed. More labor to remove and replace it than anything else. The same, alas, was not the case with the water noise. While the noise was, as suspected, bad check valves the tech found that the fittings in the water heater were cracked and the water heater needs replacement. Of course they did not have a water heater in stock so we'll need to return once it arrives. Meanwhile, we have no hot water!

The bright part of the day was our visit with Cathie and Ray Bailey. These dear friends whom we've known for fifteen years now drove down from Laughlin to meet us for lunch. It was great visiting with them and seeing them looking well. Alas, they had to leave all too soon for the return drive home.

We'll spend the nite at 3Ts parking area and leave for our next service visit first thing tomorrow morning. This setting of alarm clocks is getting old...

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