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This morning I had breakfast at IHOP. They are celebrating their 57th anniversary by offering a short stack of buttermilk pancakes for 57 cents. Of course I paid more than that because I added four strips of bacon and a large glass of orange juice. It was almost more than I could eat, but I managed the task.

After breakfast I continued my quest for a mini handbag to ease the strain on my shoulder. Yesterday I found one at the mall that I really liked, but the $100 price tag for the tiny bag almost gave me a stroke! I found some less pricey ones in other stores but they just didn’t have the features I wanted; so I came home without one. Today I decided to try again and had just about given up hope when I decided to try one more store – Kohl’s – to see if they had one. Eureka!! They had the perfect little bag at a price that astounded me, only $4.00. Yep. That’s right. It was regularly priced at $40 but was marked down to $4.00. Today was my lucky day.

My last errand was to take Sweet Pea to the Genie Car Wash for an express detail job. I had become ashamed of how dirty it was inside and out. I had kept putting off having it cleaned due to all the rain, but now I had no more excuses because the weather has been dry the last few days. The deciding factor today was the bird poop stripe down the middle of the back. Yuck! Enough already!

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