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Bright sunshine, light winds, warm temperatures - it was a great day to drive or do almost anything else outside. As we drove we remembered the flurries, ice storms, snow drifts and other winter delights that we've encountered as we've driven south to Arizona or Texas. This route follows the old Rt. 66, the fabled highway that brought intrepid tourists from Chicago to California before the Eisenhower administration funded the expressways that we travel today. Except for some small pieces in northern Arizona, Rt. 66 only exists in people's imaginations, but that's enough to keep it alive. The rest area in Missouri where we stopped for lunch honored this highway. Each picnic table was in a shelter that looked like a commercial establishment along Rt. 66. We guessed that some of these shelters had been funded by these stores and businesses. A great way to advertise.

Amidst the usual mix of signs advertising strip joints and signs inviting us to Love the Lord, we saw a new sign for a Camel Dairy. It boasted that camel milk will prevent diabetes, allergies, autism and diabetes. If it cured old age we would have stopped!

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