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Picturesque Peterborough

Carol & Trevor & Barbara & the mystery man

Trevor and the Mystery Man, who is he? surely you must recognise...

15th Monday

Lots of Emus on the road today, some with chicks fortunately they can only run forwards…

We left Kimba around 0830 expecting to drive to Peterborough but we got there around lunchtime and as its daylight saving we drove on to Broken Hill. Filled up at the same servo in Port Augusta where we spotted Lisa McCune last year...

All went well till disaster struck 30km east of Cockburn (pronounced Coburn); we ran out of Minties, it must be some sort of record, one bag of Minties from Esperance to near Cockburn.

Second disaster hit the instant I backed onto our site, a SWFD leapt unrestrained from a van behind and attacked Gracie. The dogs were separated and the female owner (of the SWFD) started screaming etc… We did take the time to point out that DOGS ARE TO BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES…. Carol resolved the impasse by having our site changed…

The evening improved; we met the Mystery Couple at the Social Democrats Club for dinner. First person to identify them gets a prize…

Sick of driving so will stop here for 2 days to “recover” and do some shopping. I’m getting strong hints that the sheets need washing.

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