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Poison Plant

'Hyophorbe Lagenicaulis'

Have spent the day not quite sure where I am as everywhere sounds the same.

Shipped out of Menglan by 8:30am and had a 2 hour journey through the rainforest to Menglun. Left our backpacks with the ticket office and spent the rest of the morning and well into the afternoon looking around some Botanical Gardens.

The weather was steaming hot and so the shade of the various plants and trees proved a welcome respite from the blazing sun. Even Danny applied the sun lotion.

The gardens were really well maintained and looking at all the different species was interesting even though we hadn't a clue what they all were. A few were labelled poisonous which sparked Danny's attention, and there were some huge lily pads in the Aquatic section which are strong enough for small children to stand on. The Celebrity Garden also made us chuckle, we half expected David Beckham to have planted something, he is everywhere in Asia. Instead we had to make do with a Dragon Plant planted by HRH Prince Phillip.

When the midday heat proved too much for us we found an onsite museum informing us further about the rainforest and the minority groups which help to maintain it. We both made the mistake of spraying some samples of products of the rainforest and spent the rest of the afternoon smelling of cinnamon. Saw seeds the size of a football on display and learnt that some plants are so sensitive to their environment that they will visibly respond to singing. And we just thought all those tour groups were singing because that is what they do!

Left the park and caught bus to Mengla. Gave in to a tout and checked into a huge hotel with cheap rooms on the top floor. He said it was his guest house, which we doubt as he was trying to change our Yuan to Dollar before he cycled off on his rusty bike offering us a ride to the bus station in the morning.

Day 72 complete

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