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1930 Ford Model AA Open Cab Fire Truck - Front

1930 Ford Model AA Open Cab Fire Truck - Rear

Before 8:00 this morning I was on my way to Buda to have some work done on Daisy at Crestview RV Center. When I arrived, I learned that there is no chassis mechanic on duty today; one is on vacation and the other is in the hospital. One will be back tomorrow, though, so the work will be done then. I’ll spend tonight and Wednesday night in their RV park. I had a coupon for two free nights. Yeah!

The primary need is to have them determine what is causing my whole rig to vibrate. I start to notice it at about 40-45 mph and it is really annoying at 55+. The serviceman thinks it’s related to the tires. I hope it’s no more expensive than that. Two of the tires are only a couple of years old; the other four are five years old.

Next on the list are my holding tank valves. They are difficult to open, especially the one for the black water tank. A technician checked them and said that a seal in the black water tank needs to be replaced. He will take care of it tomorrow while the RV is on the lift.

Before going to my campsite, I walked around the showroom and my attention was drawn to an antique fire truck. It is a 1930 Ford Model AA Open Cab Fire Truck with a 4-cylinder in-line engine. The transmission is the selective sliding gear type with four forward speeds and reverse. There are four wheel internal expanding service brakes operated by foot pedal. Parking brakes on both rear wheels are operated by an emergency brake lever. The engine is lubricated by gear pump, splash and gravity feed. The oil pan has a capacity of five quarts. There are also several classic cars in a separate section but they don’t allow anyone to get close to them.

Since nothing can be done until tomorrow, I took advantage of the down time to do my laundry. It’s more expensive here than at Pecan Grove -- $1.50 per machine vs. $1.00 at Pecan Grove. Nevertheless, I was glad to be caught up on that chore. It was already very warm in the laundry room by late morning, so I folded only my clothes and brought the rest home to fold.

A short time later, my roof air conditioner made a strange, loud “whoomp” noise. At first I thought that something had fallen out of the tree onto the roof, but the air conditioner immediately changed its rhythm and sound. I trudged back over to the service center to add it to my list for tomorrow. I just hope it isn’t about to croak. I do have an extended service policy that should cover at least most of the cost, though.

We had a brief shower around 3:00 this afternoon. It lasted only about five minutes! I wish it would do more than just tease us.

Late this afternoon I had an early dinner at Cracker Barrel with John and Karen Enterline of nearby Kyle. Since Cracker Barrel is just across Cabela’s parking lot from Crestview RV, I had planned to walk over there to meet them; but they picked me up because there were still heavy dark clouds in the area. I took my umbrella so I guess I scared the rain away. :>) We had a very nice visit. It had been at least a year since I had seen Karen and even longer since I had seen John.


Route: I-35 N to Exit 220

Total Miles Driven: 15

Weather Conditions: Very hot and dry

Road Conditions: Good

RV Park: Crestview

Park Conditions: Paved roads and site pads, very clean laundry room, not many trees, free Wi-Fi

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