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Actually Valparaiso not Santiago.

Smog over Santiago from Bellavista.

Santiago and the Andes from Bellavista.

Bellavista Funny Colour.

Sign in funicular carriage.

Last sunrise over the Andes from the Airport.

Taxi, ferry, walk, Subte, Cama bus, Semi cama bus, Metro, here, 30 hour trip, should sleep well tonight.

My last few days on the South American mainland were spent in and around Santiago. I had a daytrip to Valparaiso but wasn't very impressed, it's famous for it's hills and Funiculars but non of them were particularly interesting, the Lonely Planet writer who wrote that you could spend a whole day riding them must be very easily pleased.

The Bellavista funicular was mush nicer and I liked the plaque in my carriage which for anyone whose Spanish is even worse than mine is commemorating the popes visit on 1st April 1987 - it was 1st April when I was there and I was hoping that he was going to cop it that day to complete the coincidence but the kept him going too long.

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