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driving on the beach

For people who grew up in the flat fields of Illinois, there is nothing nicer than a mountain or the sea shore. We've been waking up to fog every morning and as we headed to the coast and South Padre Island, we wondered if we would be able to see it at all. But current weather patterns reward those who don't like to rise too early and by the time we got there, so did the sun.

The island must be crazy during spring break, but not when it's full of winter Texans. We enjoyed some great sea food overlooking the causeway and the bay and drove through the county campground on the southern tip. It was nearly full and the day was gorgeous, but the wind blows here constantly and if the temperatures go back down a bit and they surely will in January, then this is not the place to be camped.

There aren't many spots where you can drive on the beach, but just north of town there is a safe entrance point and we drove on the sand with the waves crashing nearby. A few folks even had their RV's parked on the hard packed sand and one looked like it might be staying there a while. It had a roof mounted wind generator which was a blur of twirling. Surf fishermen had their poles buried in the sand - fishing for the lazy man. You don't even have to hold the pole in your hands. A few people were brave enough to go wading. The water temperature reminded me of Lake Michigan - in June! It would have been nice to linger, but the tide began to come in and the idea of bobbing in the waves in the Jeep sent us back to the pavement.

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