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our day 42, 28th on rt66

we stayed another day in holbrook due to snow storm and ice on roadways west of here. while the roadways look clear, rt66 roads are not so, it's best NOT to take a chance in this cold should we run into a snow bank where the wind blows onto the roads. - it suppose to snow again tonight but clearing tomorrow west... (see last two 4am snow shots of our little homes hood) we took a few more pixs in town... this area is dinosaur heaven, there everywhere as is indian jewelry shops also we must mention that in photoing the old neons, daytime does them no justice, you must see them at night but they are impossible to photo hand held... we took one at the wigwam, should have done more nighttime shots, sorry but again those of us over 50 remembers them well, back then most all signs were neon...

our day 28 on rt66 photos, not much...


where we are re google maps


ron & bebe

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