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Since August 1 our high temperatures have been 100+ degrees every day. I have just stayed holed up with my air conditioner most of the time. The heat saps my energy very quickly.

Today I received several unwanted text messages. I’ve been receiving them from the same person for a long time and have repeatedly asked (via text message) that he/she remove me from the list. Finally, in desperation, I called T-Mobile customer service to see what could be done. The representative simply blocked the text message feature. I had been told by a big cheese in Albuquerque that they couldn’t do that, which is why I had not pursued it. So what do big cheeses know?!

This evening my TV suddenly went blank and all I got was loud static. I checked everything I knew to check and all seemed to be in order. I tried calling the Austin customer number many times but couldn’t get through. Finally, I called the toll-free number and was on hold a long time; but, at least, I finally did get a customer service rep. I asked him whether the problem was with Time Warner itself. Sure enough, their node for my neighborhood was down. That meant that I couldn’t access the Internet either so I just caught up on a little reading. The system was back up soon.

Tongue twister - Repeat this ten times in a row without pausing: I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop. Where she sits she shines, and where she shines she sits.

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