2009 Alaska travel blog

Beale AFB Famcamp, Site M-7

Spring time in northern California

A couple of fighters drop by

First thing as we left the Fresno campground was a trip to Camping World to get an oil change and lube for the mothership. No problem there except after the oil change as we were back on the freeway about 10 minutes out of Camping World, we received a call from them informing us they had left the oil fill cap off! They told us to stay where we were and they would come to us. Sure enough a few minutes later we were whole again and on our way. Otherwise, the trip up to Beale AFB was a normal four-hour drive. By normal, by now that means windy. It has been windy almost this whole trip. Enough so that it doesn't bother me much any more to drive in it.

Beale is a nice, quiet AFB about 40 miles north of Sacramento. The campground is in area where mobile homes were once housed. They have just finished upgrading the sites so that all are 50 amp full hook-ups. Satellite set up was quick and easy and I have broadband internet through the air card. They have wireless at the FamCamp but we are too far away from the antenna to pick it up. The way the sites are layed out gives each RV a nice sized area so that you don't feel crowded at all. Of course, Doris was a little surprised to hear reveille at 0630 the first morning, but I reminded her that not everyone was retired yet! And now she nows we have to go to bed at 10:00 p.m., right after they play taps!

We don't plan on doing much the three days we are here but getting resupplied at the commissary and exchange plus taking care of a few things on the coach. Tuesday we went to the commissary and Doris got a haircut at the base Stylique. She wished they had cut more than one hair but I guess it will have to do for now. Wednesday morning we woke up to a cool 43 degrees, slightly less than ideal, but the wind had died down. We'll trade the wind for cool any day! We worked on the coach Wednesday. I finally got a chance to wash it. I also waxed the front cap and put Rain-X on the windshield. Now I'm ready for another million bugs!

Tomorrow we head for Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort which will be our last stop in California.

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