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Pedestrian tunnel to the Visitor's Center Mesa Verde

Prehistoric reuins

Interior of kiva



Dry reservoit

Real trees!

Does this climb to your home appeal to you?

Multi-family cliffside dwelling

Look for nest in the previous picture

Residual "black" from prehistoric fires




Voyeur ?

There's more

And more

Ominous skies

Slowly but surely we will adapt to colder temps. One needs to either dress in layers vs changing multiple times per day. The higher elevations exhibit weather extremes! In our pre-retirement days weather did not take the priority it does now. Are we obsessed? Have we turned into weather wimps?

All trip segments evolve as a result of pre-planning; however, more often than not the route is by the seat of our pants or better yet where the truck goes! Friday we determined it was time to move on. Mesa Verde NP was calling us. National Parks are quite diversified. The scenery is consistently different; the "draw" is consistently different. Mesa Verde is set aside "to preserve the works of man".

The Ancestral Puebloans developed the first multi dwelling communities. Development began on the mesa top with pit style homes; then multi-family cliff side units came next. While touring all I could think of was the labor intensive lifestyle these folks lived. Something doesn't measure up-the men were the weavers while the women seemed to take on the more strenuous chores. I was worn out just hearing and reading about it.

On a trip to "Bob's Johns" what should appear but six good sized deer! I didn't seem to interfere with there eating. They just starred wide-eyed. Wild animals remain intriguing. Also, a raven was sitting on the nest photographed; naturally, it took flight by the time I was ready to photograph.

Adventurous Ranger led trips to the cliff side dwellings are available. You must be able to climb a vertical,primitive type ladder 32 vertical feet; exit via crawling through a 12 foot long by 18 wide tunnel, followed by a 60 foot vertical climb on the open cliff face using two ladders and a series of stone steps. No thank you!!

The Four Corners area was closed due to renovations. With the advent of spring, road work, park upkeep, etc is prevalent. Ugh, we were disappointed not only in missing the Four Corners but with the barren landscape. So, on into Colorado we go. By the way, I'm repeating myself...lay off the West Virginia jokes...EVERY state has their share of West Virginia in appearance and actions. Along the four state area borders we ran into unappealing areas-part of life.

Return for our next adventure inspired by an early morning e-mail.

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