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Raji River...Beautiful Green

Looking Back from a Bridge - Road & River

Another Shot from Bridge

View From OUr Balcony of Hotel Terrace

Donkeys Loaded w/ Stones on Street Below


Lv 10 am via bus(60 r.) – seats much better – to Chamba(arr & lv 1:pm),(45 r.) to Banikhet(arr & lv 4 pm) to Dalhousie by 4:30 & hike to Hotel Aarti(dbl 150 r.) and eat at Kwality Restaurant. Could not believe how our bus connections came together – never a wait, off one onto the next! The Ravi River was unusually clear for so much agriculture/development upstream. Bharmour elev 2195m., Chamba 996 m., Dalhousie 2036 m. The road thru/around mtns & Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary…weaves and drops & rises thru & past pine forests as well as terraced strips/fields and orchards(apples mostly) – both sides of the canyon/gorge or some times only one side. Farming is manual ie cattle used w/ mold board (real wood) plows. Houses hanging out(literally)on the steep slopes. Pointy, hat-like stacks of cornstalks and piles of rice canes dot the hillsides testifying to a couple of crops grown. Another crop seemingly in every 3rd world country is gravel from breaking up boulders w/ sledges to different sizes – just as popular here as in Africa – these line the road in various advantageous spots along the way. Work is being done to widen & improve some of the more treacherous conditions encountered the whole 65 km to/from Bharmour. The road is really just a narrow shelf much of the way chiseled into the rock face.

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