We are loving the birding from our site..

This beautiful Osprey hangs around fishing all day...

Another view..

We have loads of pelicans daily..

Herons too..:-)

We even have White Ibis visiting now and then..

Another view..

Loving the shrimp boats too...

Loved seeing this Harris Hawk in the yard last week..

The Blue Heron was a NEW LIST bird for me..:-)

Another new for my list..Greater Kiskadee..

This place makes you want a boat too...:-)

Fish cleaning station..

Fishing dock..

A favorite spot to sit...

Another view..

Beautiful Egret..

Love the gulls too..

Another White Ibis visit..

One more...;-)

Lots of great birds at the Birding Center too..


Some of the birds seen..


Beautiful walking paths..


We had incredible shrimp at Dirty Al's..

Love this picture of Jerry and the pelicans at Dirty Al's Restaurant..

Delicious shrimp..

Back home, Jerry feeding the birds..


Beautiful sunsets from our site..



Last one!

I am in bird heaven, this part of Texas is one of the best birding areas I have visited. Not only at the actual birding centers, but in our own yard. I already have three “NEW LIST” birds added to my birding list. The Buff-Bellied Hummingbird, the Great Kiskadee and the Blue Heron. I saw all three of these right from my camping site. We have gone to the birding centers too, but I am amazed at what you can see just from the RV Park. We have flocks of pelicans sitting on the docks daily and hundreds of gulls. We enjoy feeding the gulls daily, they will eat anything you have left-over from dinner. :-)

Speaking of dinner, the seafood in this area is incredible. The Gulf shrimp are huge and delicious. I get mine blackened, Jerry loves his fried. The prices are very reasonable too and most of the restaurants have incredible views while you eat. We are enjoying this area very much. This is a catch up of some of the places we visited in the last week, I hope you enjoy all the pictures. Check back later for more.

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