We drove about 80 miles today to Mission, Texas..


Driving through Mission...


We wanted to check out some of the campgrounds in the area..

We visited Ratama Village first and loved it...

The streets are lined with beautiful palm trees..

Loved the large, double wide sites..

Another view..

Some sites have nice homes on them..

We were impressed with this one for sure..

Very nice clubhouse too..

Out next stop, but it was closed today. Bummer...

There are a lot of birding centers in this area..:-)

Another awesome park in Mission...

Nice double wide sites there too..

Lots of flowers and trees in the park, beautiful!


Jerry went inside, they were already booked for the year..yikes!!

Halloween decorations..



Last one, some of the birds on the drive today...

We went on a day trip on the 26th to Mission, Texas. It is about 80 miles from where we are staying in Texas. We always wanted to see Mission. We have read journals from several of our friends who always to go Mission Campgrounds for the winter. We were not disappointed, the campgrounds were beautiful, they have palms lining the streets and both campgrounds we visited had nice double – wide sites. I can see why people end of buying the sites and returning each year.

We had also planned to visit the World Birding Center in Mission, we learned a lesson today, we should look and see what days they are closed. We could have walked through part of it today, even though it was closed. We decided to make another trip back later. There are birds everywhere you go in this area, we parked for a few minutes to shop at Walmart and saw a ton of them, we are in birding heaven. Check back later for more adventures in South Texas.

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