If you can eat their 72 ounce steak and trimming, you get...




Jerry saying "whoa Nellie"....:-)


Inside, no one was trying the eat the huge steak today...


Entertainment too..

Last one..Cody our cowboy server..:-)

We had another travel day, about 150 miles this time. We are in Amarillo, Texas. The last time we were here was in 2009. We stopped and had steaks at the famous Big Texas Steak Ranch then and enjoyed it so much, we stopped again today. It is such a fun place to visit and of course the steaks are awesome. If you have a huge appetite and can eat their 72 ounce steak and all the trimming, you get it free. I can’t imagine anyone eating that much, but some have done it.

Our server was a young cowboy named Cody. He was all spruced up in cowboy attire. We also had another cowboy playing the guitar and singing while we had our steaks. They have a luncheon special for $14 each, you get your choice of steak with salad and another side. We brought half of ours home for another meal. Texas always serves generous sized plates. We are going to have to go back on Weight Watchers when we get to Colorado. :-)

I hope you enjoy the photos from our lunch. This is always a fun stop and not to be missed if you are in the area. I am adding a paste of history below in case you have not heard about the Big Texan. We hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial weekend.


R. J. “Bob” Lee, a Midwesterner, whose family roots went back to the four-star Savoy Grill in Kansas City, grew up on stories and movies about cowboys, Indians, horses and Texas cattle ranches. The Texas mystique drew him like a lodestone. When he made his way to the Texas Panhandle and to Amarillo with his wife Mary Ann and their growing family, it didn’t take long for him to embrace the Lone Star State and to claim its persona as his own. His only disappointment was that he couldn’t find a first-class Texas-style steakhouse in an area of the country best known for cowboys and cattle.

In true Texas spirit, Bob decided to create a place that would satisfy the world’s hunger for good steaks and the ambiance of the Old West. He had no idea in those early days that he was destined to become a part of the Texas legends and lore that he loved.



In 1960, R. J. “Bob” Lee opened The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo on Route 66, the Mother Road. Its distinctive architecture soon became recognized across the Mother Road as a good stopping place for great steaks grilled over an open flame.

The towering sign of a long-legged cowboy that Bob erected next to the building became a major landmark on Route 66. From the beginning, the Big Texan welcomed weary travelers and migrating families whose roots spread all across America.

The now World-famous FREE 72-oz. steak came to life not long after Bob opened the doors to the Big Texan Steak Ranch.

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