God bless you, we thank each one of you for your service!!

We had another travel day, about 200 miles this time. We are in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We will be here over the Memorial weekend. We were very happy to find a site during the holiday, they had about three sites left at our campground. Jerry is planning to participate in a special $10,000 Catfish Derby. They have a lot of fish in the lakes tagged with different amounts up to $500 each. He is hoping to catch the big one. He is great at catching catfish, he caught about 15 of them while staying on the Bolivar Peninsular. :-)

It is soooo hot here, I will probably be watching him fish from my air conditioned living room. :-) We only have about 300 miles to go before reaching the Colorado line. We will be happy to finally get there and do some exploring in the cool weather. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, we thank all of you who have served to keep this incredible country free. Check back later for more from Albuquerque.

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