Our HUGE site at Junction Creek..

We did have a few neighbors..:-)

The grass in the area is vivid green and beautiful..

Another view..

Check out the road to get to this awesome site..:-)


We called this fella "Bunny"..:-)

Check out those ears...:-)

One more view..

We saw this lady walking her pony when we drove to!


Driving back down in the RV taken five days later..still scary for...

Last one..a beautiful home in the area..

We are staying in the San Juan National Forest at Junction Creek near Durango. It is only about six miles from Durango, but the drive to the park was a very scary one for me.

Jerry didn’t get excited at all about the drive, he is so used to driving, but from the passenger side it looked like we were going to topple over and drop down the hills on my side. It was a LONG way down to the valley too. We made it there safely and the site we got was worth the awful drive. I did dread going back down in five days though. :-) It was fun in the car.

We had 50 amp electric but they didn’t have water or even a dump station. It is definitely a back to nature site. We were surrounded with incredible mountains and streams, we saw one of the weirdest squirrels, he has ears that look just like a bunny rabbit. I am going to Google that one and see what on earth it was. :-)

The RV Parks in the Durango area are really steep in price, some as much as $60 a night. Yikes! We plan to do a lot of National Forest camping for only $14 a night, we will camp at the ones that are a little more modern with full hook-ups from now on. We enjoyed our visit much even if we didn’t have any TV or Wifi, but we are happy to be back in the city. :-)

Durango is surrounded by the scenic San Juan National Forest, which covers more than 1.8 million acres and is home to high alpine lakes, breathtaking canyons and waterfalls, and historic sites like those at Chimney Rock Archeological Area. Camping in the San Juan National Forest is rustic for sure, but also incredibly beautiful. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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