Our awesome site at Isleta Lakes RV

View of one of the lakes..

Another view..


Another view of our site after all the holiday campers left..:-)

Last one!

We have received a lot of notes asking where we stay while in Albuquerque. It’s called Isleta Lakes RV Park and is actually located in Isleta Lakes outside of Albuquerque, though they list it as in Albuquerque. It has two huge lakes that are open to the public also, you don’t have to camp here to fish in them etc.

There were so many people here for the Catfish Derby both lakes were full of people fishing from the banks. It is almost two miles around both lakes, it is huge. Jerry decided with all those people fishing he would pass. It was also so hot, I am sure that had something to do with his change of plans. :-) We did hear that someone caught a $5,000 fish on Memorial Day.

I am adding pictures of the lake and the park, if you are anywhere near Albuquerque we highly recommend this awesome park. Check back later for more from New Mexico.

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