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Today's only photo! Had to have a photo of a windmill!

HaHaHa . . .started out on the wrong road today!! Good thing we got a really early start! Just shows you, you may think you know where you are going but if you don't read the small print you miss that right hand turn! But thankfully Kansas is neatly divided into mile square quadrants and all roads run north/south or east/west . . . Well sort of! So it was really easy to find our way back to the route without much trouble or extra distance! Not like the time i missed a turn in Vermont!! This was easily corrected by a few extra miles on flat roads! It was also easy to find roads less traveled than the main route! We actually found our way into some lovely shaded areas by making this little goof, so it all worked out!

Stopped to chat with a cyclist heading the opposite direction. After exchanging the usual information as you do letting each other know what was ahead in their direction he (didn't get his name!) announced he was getting too attached and dependent on city parks and was looking forward to "connecting to the emptiness"!! We all ride for different reasons! Good thing he was looking forward to it, because there is a whole lot of emptiness out there, he should be happy by tomorrow evening!! It might be a little uncomfortable sleeping on wheat stalks!!

Had another close encounter of the dog kind today! 2 dogs! Luckily Mike saw them come out from behind the trees down what I would call a long drive. I didn't even have to think twice about whether or not they would make it out to the road! They galloped at a great rate right towards us barking and threatening! Mike yelled "Get your Whistle"!! We both blew as hard as we could and pedaled as hard as I could! Its hard to blow and pedal since i have to kind of lean over because my whistle is attached to my front bag! But I did! It was double loud this time as Mike had his as well! Problem is we cant move our microphones and we are hearing ourselves in our headphone while blowing the whistles and it makes your ears ring!! Yikes! I saw the one dog reach the road to my right and I put it into warp speed and got away! Whew! Then Mike reminds me that i now have dog spray! But I seriously doubt that I can pedal and aim and spray! What if I miss, and then I would have slowed down and made it easier for the stupid dog!

The heat continues to drive us to early morning starts to get our miles in before it gets too hot. Arrived Newton today about 1pm, it was a slightly shorter day (including the false start!) and it was a relief to get off the road. It just felt like a good night to have the comfort of a hotel tonight! There is great hostel in town set up for bicycles but it didn't sound like what we were in the mood for, even tho we have been hearing such great things about it. It is run by a guy that owns a bicycle shop as well. There are dorm rooms and one private room, but surprisingly enough it has been made inconvenient by not being able to keep your bikes with you in your room. I suppose that sounds very lazy but when you have to go thru all your bags and pull out only what you need and take it to your room, and then if you forgot something; well you can see where sometimes it just may not be what you want to deal with. But the good thing about it is the location is right in town. To stay in a hotel, we had to go way out of town near the Interstate. Nothing else out here! It is so hot, it is a little too far to walk to Applebee's a mile away! There is a diner at the Interstate Travel Center, but when we found out they do not serve "adult beverages" we thought we might as well save ourselves walking anywhere in the heat and just eat at Braums' next door. I guess that is a pretty big name for ice cream and burgers so that is what we did. We did try to get some transportation before setting out. The one and only Uber driver quite unashamedly admitted he was only interested in taking us to Wichita and his words were "I am just not interested in short trips in Newton!" Ok, well thanks for nothing! So we tried the only Taxi service. The recording let us know we had already missed their final call at 4:30!! Frustrating to say the least!

As we pass thru these small Kansas towns, we are finding without fail the restaurants that do offer alcohol of any description only offer beer! And what a deal it is! Happy Hour you can get a tall, frosty brew for $1.50! That was the best price yet!! For those of us who prefer something different, well . . .too bad! Sometimes you can purchase a bottled mixed drink of some description, but they are so sweet, would rather go without! Serves me right for being a wine snob, right? Oh then there was the night we went into Pizza Hut! Even they serve beer, but nothing else. So I asked, "can I bring my own wine"? NO! So I bought a small bottle of vodka and put it in my water bottle!! Ordered a glass of water and poured the water off and replaced it with my own beverage! They only said I couldn't bring my own wine!!!! One has to resort to desperate measures sometimes!! But then before I went to bed I filled my water bottle with water! Forgetting of course that it was vodka in the bottom and not leftover water! But at least I had a little cocktail with my dinner! Haven't had one since!

You may have noticed only one photo today!! I did try to catch about a dozen wild turkeys as they crossed the road in front of us but by time I stopped, got out my phone and turned it on . . .they were gone! But you would have loved it! I don't mean to be disrespectful to the beauty of Kansas,but there wasn't much for me to capture today! We are getting into more trees and lovely rolling hills. Sort of a gentle preparation for the hills of Missouri ahead!! Maybe only a few more days and we will be across Kansas!

Rain is starting to make threatening problems out there! Tomorrow could be the last of the triple digit heat, but there is also storms swirling around. The challenge is we have a 75 mile route before we get to anyplace at all that has a place to stay! No camping, no hotels . . .NOTHING! At least front the information we have available we can find nothing! There are a few towns dotting the route that do have food and waters so it isn't quite so bleak! Sometime you come upon a place that doesn't show up on the internet! Can you imagine?? I thought the internet knew everything! So we are waiting to see what tomorrow morning brings. Ready to move on, but if in fact we do get the rain tonight or in the morning, we may stay another day.

So, let's see what tomorrow brings!

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