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View of the old town from the fortress

The beautifully decorated fortress interior

Felix Baumgartner's helium air balloon

The beautiful old town

The gardens at Mirabell Palace

Happy hour

We arrived into Salzburg and checked into our hostel. It's certainly the biggest one we have stayed in so far and had a really cool bar/lounge area.

After a restless nights sleep in our dorm room we headed out into Salzburg for a full day of sightseeing. We started by visiting the Salzburg fortress which was built around the 1400s. It is perched high above the city itself and had been expanded slowly until the late 1800s into the fortress it is today. The fortress offers magnificent views of the old town itself as well as being able to visit lots of rooms within the complex including the Archbishop's at the time bedroom and official meeting rooms.

After the fortress we visited the old town itself which is fully pedestrianised. We have visited a number of old towns over the past couple of weeks but this one is right up there, if not the best as it is very well preserved and filled with numerous churches, small alleyways and statues.

After our walk we hopped on the bus and headed to Hangar 7, which is a small exhibition centre created by Red Bull who are an Austrian outfit. The centre was great and showcased all the cool things Red Bull are responsible for sponsoring or helping to innovate including Felix Baumgartner's free fall dive from over 128,000 feet up from a helium air balloon. The feat is staggering and he is the first and only person to have broken though the sound barrier without the use of a vehicle.

After the hangar we headed back to town to visit the Mirabell Palace gardens which were beautiful and full of flowers and water features.

We made it back to the hostel for happy hour at the bar where we got talking to a couple of Irish guys. We ended up heading out to a bar with them a bunch of Serbian people to watch the finals or the EuroBasket. Unfortunately for them, Serbia lost but it was a fun evening all the same.

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