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Carpes enjoy their "home turf" at RoVer's Roost

Carpe gets a fill at the Casa Grande Sam's Club
At "only" $2.119/gallon...

Mon, 19 Oct: Another easy day's drive...

We awoke early this morning as we wanted to roll wheels at eight. We breakfasted, cleaned up, got things ready for the road, cleared our checklists, and drove from our site to the Benson SKP Cooperative's office a few minutes before eight. Bob went into the office when they opened at eight to pay our electric bill and we left the park a few minutes after.

Sandi headed west on AZ 80 to Benson and then west on I 10BL to the on ramp and then west on the Interstate. The early morning traffic was very lite, even thru Tucson. We continued north on I 10 (yes, the east-west I 10 Interstate goes north from Tucson to Phoenix) to Casa Grande. We exited the Interstate in Casa Grande and shoehorned Carpes into the Sam's Club fuel station for a fill of diesel.

Carpe took 63.4 gallons of that good stuff at a compelling price of "only" $2.119/gallon. Regular unleaded was $1.969/gallon, but we were planning to return later in the day so we filled up Carpe Dinkum at that time.

Back on I 10, this time south (east?) a few miles to I 8 and then west to Montgomery Road and the RoVer's Roost SKP Cooperative. First stop was at the LP fill station where Carpe took on 17.8 gallons of propane. Then to our leased lot to settle Carpe in. Today's trip was an easy 130 miles with a fuel economy in excess of 10 mpg.

Following a hasty setup we hopped in the car and retraced our route to Sam's Club where we filled Dinkum's tank and picked up some fruit and veggies. Lunch was at In-N-Out Burger, our first since Ogden this past spring. We both agreed that an In-N-Out burger is unlike any other...

Then a Wally stop for eggs and produce and finally back home.

We plan to remain at RoVer's Roost till next Monday when we'll head out for some service. Till then we'll catch up on chores and tasks, which might even include giving the "fleet" baths. We'll see how the weather cooperates.

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