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On a Sunday morning the roads were sparsely traveled. Everyone but us and the truckers were at church. On the flat, featureless landscape one of the largest crosses we have ever seen loomed large.

As forecast the wind changed direction bringing arctic blasts from the north that slammed into us as we drove west through cotton fields and cattle ranches. It was a good excuse to come off the road early to watch the Bears play their last game of the regular season to see if they had the goods to go on into the play offs. Sadly they did not, although the game was exciting until the last seconds.

Stopping here also provided us with the opportunity to eat at The Big Texan, the most famous of many steak houses we passed in the Texas panhandle. If you can consume the 72oz. steak with all the fixin's in an hour, it's free. Last year we passed by here at 10:30am - much too early to stop. Better planning this time. This restaurant has been here since the 1960's and according to the menu, a group of hungry cowboys stopped by and one ate 72 oz. of steak in less than an hour and the contest began. I usually am rather" take it or leave it" about steak, but since our two months of semi vegetarianism in India, a good chunk of meat really hits the spot. Business was brisk and the restaurant was full of many families obviously still celebrating the holidays. There are many, many topics where I do not see eye to eye with Texans, but when it comes to meat, these folks really know what they are doing.

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