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Travelling upwards on Tree Top Walk in Valley of the Giants

Up 40m high in the canopy

In the base of a giant Red Tingle tree

More gorgeous flowers

A rainbow on a tiring afternoon near Cosy Corner


We woke up quite refreshed after a night in the forest and started packing up fairly early. As we were finishing, a big bus and car trailer pulled up driven by an older man with his wife riding shotgun. They were from northern Queensland and had noticed our number plates. Turns out they have been travelling for a few years and had a pretty complete set up including their midget mg car! Funny though, they only like to drive about 60km a day, so not sure when they'd use it. The bloke was into American football, so he was only concerned about finding the next stop where he could get satellite reception! (It was a strange coincidence that our camping neighbour the next morning had the same American football turned up loud on his laptop!!).

Once again, Bill Bryson inspired us to check out something from his book (Down Under), the Tree Top Walk near Walpole. Located in a national park, this walk was definitely amongst the trees - lots of giant red tingle trees. Whilst there is an entry fee to the walk, we were super glad that Alice was 5 days off turning 6 because she got in free. We all enjoyed walking up the sloped walkways from the base and up as far as the canopy, about 40 metres high. The walkways swayed as we moved along and this added an extra element of fun especially for the kids. After this, we followed the base walk which weaved its way around and through the foot of the giant trees, educating some of us(!) with info points here and there, and providing a fun maze of paths to run for others. There is a little critter called a Quenda in this region of WA. We didn't get to glimpse one, but they are a bit like rats again I think (is there a 'qu' thing for rat-looking animals in WA ie Quokkas?).

The rest of the day was spent in changeable weather as we drove towards Albany. We stopped off at William Bay to see Greens Pool, a popular spot for swimming. As it was raining and super windy, we didn't see it at its best, but even so, it looked like a gorgeous natural sea pool partly rimmed by rocks and sand. Next we pulled in at the small but active community of Denmark. We needed to do some washing, so of course as that was happening, the kids played in a nearby playground! Another strange coincidence - the kids bumped into their friend Sen, the daughter of a family we had camped near at Pilgramunna in Cape Range NP near Exmouth, up north WA. They live in Denmark and had just returned from their cape range holiday.

We trekked onwards through the afternoon and sadly missed out on a recommended camp spot as it was full because it was already late in the day and also school holidays - Cosy Corner, a beach spot popular even with the locals and only a short drive from Albany. Oh well, another time...

As the sun disappeared behind the mountains, we found a caravan park on the eastern side of Albany at Emu Point. Our camp site was next to the playground and as soon as we arrived, the kids shot out of the car and onto the now-darkened play equipment! All of a sudden a heap of children joined them from other vans for a fast and furious play with lots of screaming and laughter. Hungry and tired, we stuffed ourselves on spaghetti bolognese and hit the sack. Phew - a big day.

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