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Carol is impressed with the view

Bunda Cliffs free camp

Bunda Cliffs

Stopped for lunch next to the "Concrete Crappa"

Camped at Nundroo

Kimba Van Park

13th Saturday,

Exactly a week since we should have left with the Gnomes to head east we arrived at Eucla for lunch. It’s with fond memories we remember WA, the CUBS around Esperance are an interesting group. CUB’s? Yep the receptionist (ex Canberran) at the van park told me all about them a CUB is an acronym for Cashed Up Bogan the come to Esperance with their toys paid for with their generous miners salaries for R&R and it is claimed there is money to be made by the women of Esperance when single CUB’s come to town…

We met a few of the grey nomads and baby boomers as well all great people.

We were looking for a spectacular spot about 75Km East of Border Village to camp and found it but moved on as we were still on WA times, at least our bodies were so we drove thru to Nundroo after being asked for $20 for an unpowered site at Nullarbor….. No one in any of the free camps for some reason which we discovered was a simple reason really; it was top damned hot to stop and sit around, hovered on 35c for most of the day…. It was still broad daylight ( 7:00 pm) when we arrived for fuel in Nundroo so decided to stay there in a non-powered site as we had plenty of water, the fridge and hot-water run well on gas and we had had a long enough day.

14th Sunday,

Rising early in the morning,

We proceed to light the fire,

Then our bodies adorning

In our workaday attire,

We embark without delay

On the duties of the day.

First, we polish off some batches

Of political despatches,

And foreign politicians circumvent;

Then, if business isn't heavy,

We may hold a Boomers levee,

Or ratify some Acts of Parliament.

Then we probably review the household dog--

With the usual "Sit!" and "Do Poops!"

Yet the duties are delightful, and the privileges great;

But the privilege and pleasure

That we treasure beyond measure

With the gratifying feeling that our duty has been done!

And thus after a short drive from Nundroo we are in Kimba, the town geographically half way across the continent with the big Galah, flies, wind and heat….

The fruit fly examiner seemed hurt as we had no fruit for him to confiscate at Ceduna and as we are heading to Taree via “The Hill” and Hunter valley we won’t go thru another Fruit Fly Check Point. Fruit and Veg purchased in places above the Goyder Line e.g. Peterborough, can be legally taken into Broken Hill as its apparently part of South Australia traveling east to west but not the other way. Ok confused? So am I, maybe fruit flies only can fly west to east, I know they can’t cross the Murray River by Parliamentary decree….

Tomorrow we have an easy drive to Peterborough via Horrocks Pass or Quorn we will let Karen decide…

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