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Carpe at Escapees Coho Evergreen Coop

Welcome to Coho Evergreen Coop

Welcome to Chimacum, WA

Downtown Port Townsend

Downtown Port Townsend

Port Townsend Waterfront

Jefferson County Courthouse Port Townsend

Fort Worden

Fort Worden Chapel

Olympic National Park
A first visit for us

Mt. Angeles (6,450'), Olympic NP

Mt. Baker as viewed from Olympic NP
At 10,700' it is almost 100...

Mt Olympus (7,950'), Olympic NP

Mt Olympus (7,950'), Olympic NP

Pacific Ocean viewed from Hurricane Ridge (5,250')

Mon, 24 Sep: We've finally moved out of Chris' yard. This morning we moved fourteen miles north to the Escapees Coho Evergreen Cooperative in Chimacum. It took us a bit of time to maneuver, Carpe out of the yard. Ditches on both sides as well as telephone, cable, and power lines overhead.

Despite all we succeeded and Sandi drove the short distance to Chimacum and we were parked and set up by 1030. Thanks a million Chris for your kind hospitality.

Before we continue with this destination, we encourage you to revisit the previous (Port Ludlow) entry where we've posted numerous images of our recent Alaska cruise. We didn't know exactly where to put the images so they ended up there. Enjoy.

Wed, 26 Sep: Our third day at the SKP park. We've been taking things easy and trying to get caught up with things after two weeks aboard the ms Amsterdam. To be honest, we haven't been overdoing things, but then we try never to do that!

Monday afternoon we drove to Sequim to do some shopping. Sequim is not too far from Chimacum as the crow flies, but Discovery Bay and Sequim Bay are in the way. We had to drive around them which pretty much doubled the distance. It was a beautiful drive.

Yesterday's highlight was laundry! We did a load of laundry and plan to do several more on Friday before we decamp. This SKP park has a unique (to us) system by which you sign up in advance for a time slot during which machines will be available. It worked yesterday and we signed up for Friday morning. We'll report how that works for us.

This morning we drove to Port Townsend. Port Townsend is about ten miles north of Chimacum and it was a scenic drive. Downtown Port Townsend is very pretty with many older buildings that have been lovingly maintained. We took many pix of them despite the multitude of wires. This is definitely a candidate for underground utilities.

From there we drove to Fort Warden State Park and drove around a bit. Then some more driving around looking at pretty older buildings. Then back to Chimacum where we bought some in-season produce from a roadside stand.

We're now back in the coach and plan to remain here for the balance of the day. It is bright and sunny out with coolish temperatures. We plan to sit outside in the sun and soak up some vitamin D.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is forecast to be sunny and we're planning to visit the Olympic National Park. Neither of us have previously visited this park so it'll be new adventures.

Thu, 27 Sep: Fall is definitely nosing around the Olympic Peninsula. It was in the low 40s this morning and the heat kept cycling on keeping us nice and toasty. The trees are beginning to lighten color and the heady odor of pine forests and wood fires fill the air. Must be time to mosey south—but not too quickly—it's still triple digit temps in Casa Grande.

We got ourselves organized rather well this morning and by 0930 we had all our camera gear loaded in Dinkum and headed to the Olympic National Park. We had a wonderful drive to Port Angeles and then to the park's Information Center.

Armed with maps and directions we continued up (and "up" is the operative description here) the road toward Hurricane Ridge Visitor's Center. At more than 5,200' altitude (from sea level) Hurricane Ridge offers vistas of the Pacific Ocean and Mount Olympus. Enroute the many turnouts also afford views in all directions. We even got to see the peak of Mount Baker some 95 miles to the northeast, a rare treat.

We stopped for lunch in Port Angeles and returned home a bit after two. It was a lovely day and we've logged another of our nation's jewels (her National Parks, Monuments, Forests, etc.) in our memories. Carpe Diem.

A very special bit of excellent news... Our dear friend Cathy R from Maui just got a clean biopsy. Hurray Cathy!!!

Tomorrow is laundry day and we'll also tend to end of month matters. Saturday we'll roll wheels toward Vancouver, WA where we have an appointment at the Roadmaster Inc. factory for routine inspection and service of our tow bar and related equipment.

Trip Summary
Miles this leg: 13.2
Total miles since Casa Grande: 8,622.2

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