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The road ahead

Dai stilt houses

Before the drinking onslaught

During the onslaught. Luckily no after shot!

Woke up to find the rain had at last stopped and instead the sun had made an appearance. Hopefully that means monsoon season hasn't started yet after all. Time to move on to Monglan an hour south.

Arrived in the searing heat and a blazing sun and quickly found room at a local restaurant. Basic but for a pound a night we can't really complain. The next job was harder; to find bikes and take to the olive plains and visit some local Dai villages. We eventually found some 'acceptable' bikes which by British standard means pretty poor.

We had a great day riding around the Monglan area and passed through a few villages where we saw some impressive housing. The homes of the Dai people in Xishangbanna (this part of Yunnan province) are made of wood and built on stilts with a concrete base to stop termites getting their wicked way. They look interesting from the roadside and people in England would pay a pretty penny to have such an individualistic property. By late afternoon we had put in a fair few miles and seen a lot of countryside. We also seemed to be the main attraction in one village street we passed through with 'hello' and 'goodbye' becoming a common phrase.

The evening looked like it was going to be a bit of a boring affair as we had eaten early and planned on an early night. However a group of Chinese came into the restaurant and made us join their table. Masses of food had been ordered so we duly obliged to help out. Then the local vodka type drink came out. What followed was a rowdy group of English and Chinese trying to communicate with each other while knocking back numerous shots. By the time we decided on going to bed we had learnt a few new Chinese phrases, taught a few English ones and felt like we had drunk more than enough. We just hope we don't feel much after effect tomorrow.

Day 71 complete

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