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August 30 - Day 68 – Dingwall – English Town

K’s 102.40

Time 4h 50m

Average speed: 21.21k/H

T to d 7507

A rather short but eventful ride today. There are a number of challenging hills on route that can reach grades of 12%. Nothing like North or French but they do challenge the legs after only a nights rest from those two climbs. Smokey Mountain is the signature mountain for the Cabot and it is a wonder to bike but much easier when ridden from a clockwise direction which we did. The climb does have some steep grades earlier but the major long climb is a very manageable 5 to 6%. Once at the top the view is spectacular and the ride down very steep with many switch backs so one has to ride it carefully.

The bad part of the day for Terri was about 5 k after Smokey when her chain broke. Fred and I attempted to fix it and then our Australian friend Ron came along and helped out. The fix only worked for a couple of k and broke again. We decided that the best bet was to see if we could get her a ride to camp which was down the road about 35k. A super young man in a brand new pickup truck came along just at that minute and I flagged him down and explained our predicament. He was going to Sydney and would be driving right by the campsite and was glad to help Terri out. He dropped her off right at the tent area.

Fred and I rode the final 35 k facing a bit of a head wind but not an issue on this lovely sunny afternoon. The camp at English town was a nice one and we were glad to get in fairly early as there was major work to be done. The plan was to unload the big truck completely and transfer all our stuff into a large van and a trailer that would take it to St. John’s. The van and trailer would also take 30 of the bikes on their roofs onto the ferry. Lots of work and organization which would be completed in the morning.

With the help of Bruce Stevenson a new chain was installed on Terri’s bike with the hope it would work OK until we get to St. John’s.

The other interesting event was that Bud Jorgenson, tour operator joined the tour. He came in and fired one of our “staff” lads. Max, whom I termed “useless” for his lack of ambition and total lack of work ethic. He was the driver and had a bit of an accident with the truck which apparently caused him to be uninsurable. This happened much earlier on the trip but Bud apparently elected to keep him on until this day. Bud and Margo can be nasty many of us have learned! While Max was no loss the ways this was apparently done was certainly questionable.

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