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As is so often the case when you take a vehicle to the mechanic or technician, when the Crestview technician checked my roof air conditioner, it refused to manifest its problem. I just hope it will continue to operate well. I changed its filters and bought two more sets to have on hand.

Late this morning Karen picked me up and we went to see our friend, Bernice Polvado, in the care center. That poor little woman has suffered for over three years after a fall on her patio. She had several surgeries from which she has never fully recovered. She is now just skin and bones. It just breaks my heart to see her that way. After our visit we stopped at KFC to get grilled chicken lunches.

During the meal, the Crestview RV serviceman called to tell me that my motorhome was ready. The cause of the vibration was the right rear outer tire, which has a lump on it. It’s one of the tires that I bought in 2006 in Needles, California. I called the Discount Tire store on I-35 at William Cannon in Austin to make an appointment for tomorrow morning to have a new tire installed.

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