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A rain, much appreciated by the locals but annoying to us, prevented us from exploring our new neighborhood until today. Fun-N-Sun campground is huge. We rode our bikes around for well over an hour and did not see it all. Like the campgrounds in Texas, it is a mixture of RV sites, temporary homes, and vacation rentals. The temporary homes could be less temporary, but the residents here are required to leave three months a year to avoid paying property taxes. Each home has a car license plate displayed in the window, although it is clear that many of these "vehicles" have been here for years. Some are surrounded by lush vegetation and landscaping.

We are most interested in the outdoor athletic activities here. Being a part of the social tennis is easy - just show up. But there is also a tennis ladder which organizes matches and results, where you have to try out and get a rating. It makes sense to match up people with similar skills, but trying out feels too much like high school to me. They don't seem to have the twenty mile bike rides that we enjoyed in Texas, but we can easily substitute beach volleyball, which is likely to wear us out equally fast. We also saw some traditional Florida geezer activities like shuffleboard, horse shoes, and lawn bowling. The swimming pool is especially nice; much of it is deep so people like me can swim laps without running into the folks who bob in the water and chat.

When it rains again, we'll investigate the indoor activities - games, crafts, and music lessons. One of our friends said that being here is a lot like being on a cruise - but there's no one doing our laundry or cleaning the house.

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