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Yes, that's what it looks like. Just another spring day in Wells,...

Looking past park sign. Other mountain range was 90 degrees to my...

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Well, today should do it, right? The day of reckoning, so to speak. The guy said he’d be at the shop at 6:30, and was hopeful of the part getting there soon afterwards. Of course, the other one small item I failed to mention is that this pump repair would be an all-day job. So if the part arrives early, I’m thinking, maybe 3:00 p.m., 2:00 if I’m lucky.

So, I go down there around 8:00, thinking I might find the guy under the hood, parts scattered all over, in great anticipation that I will soon be on the road. Of course, it DID snow last night, and the part is coming from Salt Lake, a mere 120 miles away! Okay, so there’s no part yet. I hang around awhile longer. Nothing – and it’s still snowing. Not a lot, but it’s still snowing.

So, I let the guy know that I will be back at the trailer, and would he please call me when the part arrives, so I at least know it got there. Okay, will do.

Well, maybe 45 minutes goes by, and I get a knock on the door. It’s the guy from the shop. He says he’s got some good news, and some bad news. The good news is that the part arrived – it’s here. Yahoo. The bad news is that the mechanic who could do the work wouldn’t be in today, so the repair will have to wait until tomorrow. Oh boy, another day/night in Wells, Nevada. There’s got to be some psychic reason I was in Wells, of all places. You know, a “well” being rather dark and dreary, with no way out!! Anyway…..

And it’s still snowing, with a couple of inches forecast overnight. And the temp is still dropping. Even if the truck gets repaired, can I even get out of here! Oregon’s looking further away all the time. I suppose there’s some consolation that the guy came to tell me in person. Some, not much. Again, all I can do is sit here and tough it out – in my trailer – in Wells, Nevada – in the middle of a snow storm – with no means of transportation – no tv – no radio (well, there was one station, but I wasn’t into a religious discussion at the moment) – no internet - and the local casino just wasn’t pulling on me, especially when there were only about 6 cars in the parking lot.

So back to the office I go. Another night, please. This time, the lady asks if I need anything from the store, as her husband needs to get the mail, which is across the street from the grocery store. Sure, that would be nice. (I think they had a soft spot for me, ‘cause their son’s name was also Stephen – spelled correctly, as she says, with a “ph”).

So, about 3 hours later, the husband fires up his truck and away we go again. Fortunately, the store is in Wells, so we didn’t have far to go.

So ends another fine day in Wells……………

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