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Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort - Site 343

Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort - Site 343 - another view

Small plane doing a little crop dusting or spraying for mosquitoes, not...

Some other mountains along I-5

Mount Shasta - it's not flat on top, just obscured by clouds

Another at a lower elevation

The marina at Lake Siskiyou. It's still a little early in the...

Another view of the lake from the swimming beach

Part of the deer herd that came through the campground

Curious but not afraid

This one is taking the welcome signs literally!

We had a good trip from Beale AFB to Mount Shasta. The scenary was incredible as we were coming through the mountains. The campground here at Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort is extremely nice. The sites are large and very wooded (pines about 60-100 feet tall) but I was still able to shoot the satellite through the trees without too much effort. The only bad thing is it is so early in the season (we had a high of 48 degrees today), they still have not opened any of the amenities but then the only one we would use is the store. They do have a herd of deer that seems to frequent the campground though, as well as many birds, squirrels and chipmunks.

On Friday it rained most of the day but we still hiked around the campground and some of the lake just to get some exercise. We are at about 3,200 feet and Mt. Shasta itself rises to a little of 14,000 feet. It is second only to Mt. Rainier in the Cascade Range. It has seven small glaciers around it that have started growing again after many years of declining.

Tomorrow we will still be in the mountains as we go to Myrtle Creek, OR for a quick overnight before proceeding to Silver Falls State Park a little east of Salem, OR on Sunday.

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